Apr 22, 2014

Emerald City Author Event 2014 ~ Seattle WA

We are excited to tell you about another awesome author event coming to the great Pacific Northwest. Emerald City Author Event, is a multi-author signing event, featuring some of today's best YA, NA, Adult Contemporary Romance, PNR and UF authors. The event is being hosted by Keep Calm & Read Romance and Ginger-Read Reviews Book Blogs. If you live in the PNW or would love to have a reason to visit the beautiful city of Seattle then make sure you don't miss out on this event. Meet your favorite authors and hang out with fellow book lovers for a fun event!
Saturday, June 14, 2014
11:30AM - 4:00PM
Emerald City Author Event Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/emerald-city-author-event-tickets-9447717377 Please Note: This is a FREE event but Registration is required. Tickets are limited. Please only register for one group time frame. Author line-up may change at any time.
To keep up to date, make sure you follow Emerald City Author Event on Facebook.
If this is your first author signing event, make sure you check out the FAQ's section on the Emerald City Author Event web page for more information.
Hope to see some of you on June 14th!

Review ~ Still Life With Strings by L.H. Cosway

Publication Date: March 24, 2014

Published by: Createspace

Source: Kindle $2.99

~ Goodreads ~ Amazon  ~
My name is Jade Lennon and I stand still for money.

The night I saw Shane Arthur watching me everything changed. A man in a suit always catches my eye, but it was the way he looked at me that was different. Like he knew me or something. He didn’t know me, especially not in my costume. My sobriety rests on staying away from men, but there was something about him that made me throw caution to the wind.

After all, I was never going to see him again, right?


Standing still isn’t the only way I make my money. I also bartend at a concert hall. Never in my wildest dreams did I think Shane was going to show up there. Not only that, but he’s the most recent addition to the orchestra. So now on a daily basis I have to resist one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever met and he plays the violin. For me that’s one hell of a deadly cocktail.

He wants me to teach him how to live. I’m not sure how much a twenty-six year old recovering alcoholic who works in a bar and moonlights as a living statue can teach a world class concert violinist, but I’m sure going to try.

Still Life with Strings is a story of music, art, sex, magical realism, and romance that you will never forget.
My Review

I want to start by saying that I always fall in love with a  L.H. Cosway novel. A lot of you like me probably fell in love with “Painted Faces” and are now eager to read anything she writes. What I love about her writing is how unique and poetic it is. L.H. has a really cool educational background and that bleeds into her writing style. She also lives in Dublin, which is a city like no other. Having been able to spend time there myself I can attest to its originality.  I love getting the chance to read stories placed there. Music is also a huge inspiration for her writing and the reader can tell. We love the diversity and beauty of so many influences all weaving together to make wonderfully written and engrossing stories.

I loved this book from the very beginning. I devoured it in a day and it stayed with me. I downloaded a bunch of violin (sexy ass instrument) pieces and lived in that little world (with Shane... )for a good while.

Jade Lennon is my kind of protagonist. She is hard-working, honest, funny, loving, and an artist. Since her mother’s passing she has taken on the task of raising her brothers and sister. She works hard at a music house, cares for her family, and has a great group of friends. Jade also is a recovering alcoholic who likes to dress up like a painted Bluebird angel and stand for hours in the street to make some extra cash.
Shane Arthur (SAWOOON) is a classically trained violin prodigy who runs into Jade (Bluebird) one night on the street and there are sparks. SPARKS --- people. I am getting goose bumps just thinking about their first meeting.
Little does Jade know that Shane is the new violinist at the concert hall. So they see each other A LOT. They begin to get to know each other as friends and that friendship melds into more. It’s a slow burning fire but it is always there. That is one of the other things I loved about this book. It built on story lines and characters. Nothing was instant, everything carefully orchestrated by our conductor L.H. I really liked that the characters were older. Jade 26 and Shane 29. It provided a realism to the book in how they handled their relationship that I really enjoyed.  I also really enjoyed all the art and musical references. They added so much to the story.
This book had a lot of great relationship moments. Whether it was within the family, or friends or love. That being said there was a lot of lovely swoon moments in this book. Not everyone can write sex scenes as perfectly as L.H. I mean, DAYUM gurrrl. Hose me off. They were perfect. No cheese. Just enough naughty and nice.
There is also a lot of unexpected twists and turns along the way. It never died out or caved, it was consistently good from start to finish.
This book is a perfect combination of all the things we love reading. These were real, complicated people living their lives and for a few hundred pages we get to tag along.
YOU GOT TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I am writing this I am being fuelled with this crazy need to call you all personally and tell you to read this book. That is how good it is.


Apr 21, 2014

Used by Lynetta Halat

Used (Unlovable, #1)
Title: Used
Author: Lynetta Halat
Published: January 19, 2014
ARC Provided for an honest review
Series: Unlovable

Buy the Book

I am a slut. No worries. I've come to terms with it, and you will too. I’m not one of those girls who thinks she’s too plain, too fat, too skinny, too shy … no, I don’t have that kind of luck. I’m the girl who knows she’s just right for everyone. — Denver

A reputation as a manwhore–with–a–heart–of–gold tends to precede me. But, I don’t do girls with issues, that is until this girl. It's this girl I want to fix. This girl I want to protect. And maybe … more. — Ransom

Being in love with the same girl your entire life isn't all it's cracked up to be. She uses me in every way imaginable. How does she see me? I am her perpetual one-night stand. No strings, no attachments. Just mind-numbing sex ... for her anyway. — Greer

Feeling like the life is being choked out of her in the small town of Anaconda, Montana, Denver Dempsey craves the escape that college offers … even if that means leaving her “best friend with benefits” and looking for a new way to forget. Thinking she's found the perfect hookup in Ransom, Denver's outlook on college is bright. That is, until Greer shows up looking for a second chance, and Ransom's interest turns to hatred

My Review:

Stop. Breath. Think. Ok. Right. Words. I need to formulate words in order to write this review. A review of a book is suppose to be full of words that help explain why you loved or hated a book. I can't seem to formulate the correct words. Which, we all know I am very good at.

Ok. I think I can do this.

"I'm a slut" those first words of the blurb drew me in. I mean what person admits openly that they are a slut. NO ONE DOES THAT. This girl, Denver, she does. She owns that shit. But she doesn't have to. She is confused and her mom is a whore who needs to be bitch slapped a few times and then feed rat poison. Yeah, I said it, I know y'all are thinking it.

Lynetta Halat has written a book that literally shocks you to the core. It has so many emotions coursing threw the pages, that you are unable to process everything at the end. It's an amazing journey for a young girl that is trying to find herself, but along way she is lost. I think we all have a little Denver in us all. I am blown away by the writing style, the way she wrote these characters and the way the story progresses, makes its very, very hard to put it down.

I was very pleased when I first started this book. It was refreshing and the writing made it very easy to continue. I read the blurb, I knew what I was getting into, but it wasn't that at all. NOPE,

Expectations meet window. Have a nice life.

We are introduced to Denver. We learn a few things in just the few paragraphs that we read first and I am pleased to say that I was #teamdenver right from the beginning. Girls can be catty and these girls had that quality down to a science. I loved how she stood tall and took it all and gave them shit right back. I felt so many feels for Denver. I thought I wasn't going to like her because usually in a love triangle, I find myself not liking the girl. But this isn't your typical love triangle. I don't really think I can classify it as that. So I felt for Denver and I wanted to be her friend and hug the shit out of her.

She doesn't keep us waiting to meet the fine ass guys in this book.  There are so many hot guys that it's hard to chose who you want to pin you up against the barn door and have his way with you.

I hate cowboys and they are not sexy. Said no one EVER.
We have Pete and Austin. OMG Austin is my fav side boy. I loved how he never gave up on trying to convince Denver that she should be with him, but he is loyal and all joking a side he knew who she belonged with and I want to give the guy a big ol bear hug. I LOVE AUSTIN. Lynetta, make him get a happily ever after with me. WINK WINK.

Ransom. Say that name and let it roll off your tongue. RANSOM. I could totally hear myself screaming his name, while.... writing this review. Dirty girls get your mind out of the gutter. Ransom just may have made his way up to the top 10 book boyfriends of all time. I mean I was so excited when I got to a certain part of the book and I was like, WOW way to peel back the layers like an onion Ms. Halat. Didn't see that shit coming. HIGH FIVE. You have made me a fan for life with that shit.

Then there is Greer. I can't really say much about this part of the book. It will give way to much away and I don't want that. You have to go in with just knowing the information from the blurb and just say FUCK IT. I'm ready to be USED.  But I will say one thing. FUCK YOU GREER. I had you pegged and I called bullshit on your ass. But with that be said, I am moving on.

This book is adorable. The entire book I had a southern accent in my head. The lingo, the way the they talk to each other, the horses, the explanation of the rodeo circuit. It is amazing. The characters, the plot, the writing. EVERYTHING about this book was amazingly adorable. I loved that it is centered around the rodeo and cowboys.

So it's adorable. Right? Right. But that's not all it is. It's one hell of an intense journey with so many twists and turns that you are like WTF just happened. That can't be right. Did that really just happen? Wait, No, No, No. No. A lot of awwwww that's so sweet and OMG I need a fan for my vajayjay because its to damn hot.
In all seriousness, this book is not for the faint of heart. There are some really deep issues in this book and some might be hard to digest. But what happens in this book is real and raw and deep. Some might not be able to see what I see I this book. I see a girl who needs to find her own way. She must fight the demons that have been holding her down for far to long and let go of all the self doubt. She must say go bye to the past and welcome the future. But that's the hardest part of growing up. So I can see this book for what it is and I hope y'all can too.

This is a must read for 2014, you will be kicking yourself in the ass if you do not read this book. Like really, go read this book. Don't fuck with me and read this book.


About the Author:

author2Since the dawn of time, Lynetta Halat has lived to read and has written innumerable stories and plays. A lover of good books, bad boys, and kickass tunes, she'd always dreamt of penning books that people could connect with and remember. She also has a secret penchant for wringing the emotions out of unsuspecting readers, and she collects reader's tears in much the same way that wine connoisseurs collect their favorite vintage.

Her first novel, Every Rose, was the perfect catalyst to launch her into the world of publishing, effectively burrowing her way into the hearts and minds of readers throughout the world. Everything I've Never Had was her follow-up adult romance novel. Now, she has penned Used, a New Adult Romance that she hopes sinks its teeth into you and doesn't let go.

Her love of the English language prompted her to pursue a Master's degree in English from Old Dominion University in Virginia, where she also minored in snark and interpretive dance. She lives somewhere along the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her adorable husband, two amazing sons, and two loveable dogs. When she's not writing riveting stories, she likes to focus on her macramé art and her scouring of eBay, where she buys locks of hair from her favorite rock stars, most especially Bret Michaels and Dave Grohl.

Facebook Page | Website | Twitter: @LynettaHalat | Goodreads | Amazon

Spotlight/ Giveaway ~ Love, In English


He’s thirty-eight. I’m twenty-three. He speaks Spanish. I speak English. He lives in Spain. I live in Canada. He dresses in thousand-dollar suits. I’m covered in tattoos. He’s married and has a five-year old daughter. I’m single and can’t commit to anyone or anything. Until now.Because when they say you can’t choose who you fall in love with, boy ain’t that the fucking truth. *** To a restless dreamer like Vera Miles, it sounded like the experience of a lifetime. Instead of spending her summer interning for her astronomy major, she would fly to Spain where she’d spend a few weeks teaching conversational English to businessmen and women, all while enjoying free room and board at an isolated resort. But while Vera expected to get a tan, meet new people and stuff herself with wine and paella, she never expected to fall in love. Mateo Casalles is unlike anyone Vera has ever known, let alone anyone she’s usually attracted to. While Vera is a pierced and tatted free spirit with a love for music and freedom, Mateo is a successful businessman from Madrid, all sharp suits and cocky Latino charm. Yet, as the weeks go on, the two grow increasingly close and their relationship changes from purelyplatonic to something…more. Something that makes Vera feel alive for the first time. Something that can never, ever be. Or so she thinks.


“You know, I can’t pretend any longer,” I blurted out, surprising myself. I had reached my limit. He had stopped, standing absolutely still, his back to me. He was either going to start walking again or he was going to turn around. I held in my breath. With his back to me he said, “No. We can’t. I have one last question for you.” That wasn’t what I expected. Questions were getting dangerous. “What?” I asked softly. He slowly turned around. “What is love? In English.” I raised my brows. “Love, in English, is love?” “What is it in Spanish?” I was so enthralled by his hypnotic eyes, I could barely remember. “Amore?” He shook his head ever so slightly. “No. Love in Spanish is you.” Then he turned around, heading back. This was bullshit. I got out of my chair and ran for him. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled on him hard, turning him around so that he was facing me. I kept my fingers buried in his jacket sleeve and stared up at him. “That’s it?” I cried out, my voice breaking with anger. “You tell me that I am love in your language? And then you leave me?!’ He gazed down at me like he was in a trance. “What would you rather I do?” he whispered. I felt as if I were about to cry. My face contorted in pain and confusion. “I don’t know! Not that.” “What about this,” he said huskily. He put one hand into my hair, his fingers moving through my strands, trailing along my scalp. My skin erupted in goosebumps. “Or this.” He took his other hand and did the same, until both were in my hair, holding the back of my head, his fingers pressing into me with a delicious amount of pressure. Thoughts began to leave my head. They were replaced by emotions. Wants. Needs. All of them swirling around me like a galaxy. He took a step so that he was right up against me, his firm stomach against mine, and what seemed to be an erection pressing into my hip. I felt like I couldn’t get any air at all. He tilted my head back so that I was looking up at his eyes, his lips just inches from mine. “You can tell me stop,” he whispered. “And I will stop. But please, don’t tell me to stop.” At that moment, I didn’t even know what the word meant.  




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karina-halleABOUT KARINA HALLE With her USA Today Bestselling The Artists Trilogy published by Grand Central Publishing, numerous foreign publication deals, and self-publishing success with her Experiment in Terror series, Vancouver-born Karina Halle is a true example of the term “Hybrid Author.” Though her books showcase her love of all things dark, sexy and edgy, she’s a closet romantic at heart and strives to give her characters a HEA…whenever possible. Karina holds a screenwriting degree from Vancouver Film School and a Bachelor of Journalism from TRU. Her travel writing, music reviews/interviews and photography have appeared in publications such as Consequence of Sound, Mxdwn and GoNomad Travel Guides. She currently lives on an island on the coast of British Columbia where she’s preparing for the zombie apocalypse with her fiance and rescue pup. Karina is represented by the Waxman Leavell Literary Agency.

~Karina's Social Media Links~

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/4785031.Karina_Halle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Karina-Halle/140649372629593 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetalBlonde Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Karina-Halle/e/B0050KE63C/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1395935607&sr=1-2-ent

Enter for a chance to win one of 3 $25.00 Amazon Gift Cards and one of 20 signed Love, In English postcards
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Review ~ Love, In English by Karina Halle

Love, In English by Karina Halle
Publication Date: April 22, 2014
Source: Copy provided for honest review

~ Goodreads ~

He’s thirty-eight. I’m twenty-three.

He speaks Spanish. I speak English.

He lives in Spain. I live in Canada.

He dresses in thousand-dollar suits. I’m covered in tattoos.

He’s married and has a five-year old daughter.

I’m single and can’t commit to anyone or anything.

Until now.Because when they say you can’t choose who you fall in love with, boy ain’t that the f*#king truth.


To a restless dreamer like Vera Miles, it sounded like the experience of a lifetime. Instead of spending her summer interning for her astronomy major, she would fly to Spain where she’d spend a few weeks teaching conversational English to businessmen and women, all while enjoying free room and board at an isolated resort. But while Vera expected to get a tan, meet new people and stuff herself with wine and paella, she never expected to fall in love.

Mateo Casalles is unlike anyone Vera has ever known, let alone anyone she’s usually attracted to. While Vera is a pierced and tatted free spirit with a love for music and freedom, Mateo is a successful businessman from Madrid, all sharp suits and cocky Latino charm. Yet, as the weeks go on, the two grow increasingly close and their relationship changes from purely platonic to something…more.

Something that makes Vera feel alive for the first time.

Something that can never, ever be.

Or so she thinks.

My Review:

I need to be upfront with something. I hate adultery in books.  I'm not opposed to cheating in books, but adultery is a trigger for me.  I don't usually gravitate towards them.  Why? Because I think marriage is a truly special thing and its importance has been tarnished over the years.  Too often people enter it lightly or don't respect the commitment of it.  It is something that aggravates me, but that is just my issue and in no way a judgment on anyone else.

That being said, I had some trepidation entering Love, In English.  I was afraid I would hate Mateo.  Not for being a married man who falls in love with another woman.  I don't blame anyone for matters of the heart.  But for acting on those feelings, that is what I feared would make me dislike him and never root for him as a love interest. Dislike him for not ending a marriage before starting a relationship with someone else.  Again, this is a personal trigger.

I could not be more happy to say, I did not hate Mateo.  I didn't even ever dislike him.  Not even a little.

Love, In English isn't a story that focuses on the affair.  It's a story that focuses on two lonely people who just happen to find their soulmate in an unlikely place and at an imperfect time.  Vera and Mateo don't mean to fall in love.  Vera very much fights her feelings, riddled with guilt from the start, when it is just a slight attraction.

This is very much a coming of age story for Vera.  She finds herself, where she truly belongs and some very hard life lessons. She also learns what it is to love and that love is never, ever an easy thing.

Mateo also finds himself. Realizing that the life he leads is anything but fulfilling. He's become complacent with it.  His marriage may not be horrible, his life may be comfortable, his career successful,  but those things don't equate to happiness.

Mateo and Vera's affair is not started up lightly, it isn't frivolous.  It is two somewhat empty hearts colliding with the only thing that can fill them up.   Because of the feelings they have for one another, Mateo really does try to do the right thing, if maybe a bit too late.  Falling out of love, however, is just as hard and messy as falling in love.  A lesson Mateo and Vera both very much learn in Love, In English.

I have to say that this is the most emotional and beautiful book Halle has written.  She's written great love stories before but there was nothing else to distract you here, no horror, no action. This is all emotions, real and gritty and hard.

Applause to Karina Halle for doing two things few have been able to. One, she made me overcome the adultery. Easily, in fact. I was rooting for Mateo and Vera pretty early on. How can you not hope two lost souls find themselves in each other?  Two, she made me cry. Three times, in fact.

I hope this is a genre she will pick up again in the future, it's a good one for her. I also hope that anyone who is like me, shies away from adultery or cheating, will give this book a shot. It may surprise you.

Apr 18, 2014

Cover Reveal ~ Hard To Hold On To

HardToHoldOnTo hires
Laura Kaye is thrilled to share with you the cover to her next Hard Ink book, Hard to Hold On To which releases on August 19, 2014! Check it out:

Edward "Easy" Cantrell knows better than most the pain of not being able to save those he loves--which is why he is not going to let Jenna Dean out of his sight. He may have just met her, but Jenna's the first person to make him feel alive since that devastating day in the desert more than a year ago.

Jenna has never met anyone like Easy. She can't describe how he makes her feel--and not just because he saved her life. No, the stirrings inside her reach far beyond gratitude.

As the pair are thrust together while chaos reigns around them, they both know one thing: the things in life most worth having are the hardest to hold on to.
Pre-Order at Amazon | Amazon.ca | Amazon UK | B&N | iTunes
And don’t miss the other Hard Ink books, now available:
A Note from Laura:
Hey guys! I am so excited about Easy’s book that I can hardly wait for August to get here! Easy’s character was a total surprise to me. When I initially plotted out the series, there were four surviving members of the Army Special Forces team and therefore I planned for and sold four book in the series. But then, when I sat down to write Hard As It Gets, all of a sudden the story demanded there were actually five guys, and Edward “Easy” Cantrell was born. And I’m so glad! Because Easy’s character is a totally tortured hero, which I adore writing! So I’m super happy that we added his story and this novella into the series, and I can’t wait for you to learn about Easy in Hard to Hold On To!

Is it August yet???

xo, Laura

Praise for the Hard Ink Series:

For Hard As You Can:

"TOP PICK! There is a sinister and desperate edge to this tale that will keep readers glued to their seats. Kaye has dark romantic suspense nailed!" ~ RT Book Reviews Magazine

"Hard As You Can is another five star read. The characters Ms. Kaye has created are wonderfully broken and the drama is gritty, but the burgeoning romance and the tight-knitted relationship of the team leaves you with a sense of redemption. A must read series!" ~San Francisco Book Review

For Hard As It Gets:

"Edgy, sexy and full of suspense! A great read from a great new author!" ~ #1 NYT Bestselling Author J.R. Ward

"Sizzling romance... The intriguing tattoo parlor and military background will appeal to fans of Suzanne Brockmann and Lindsay McKenna." ~Publishers Weekly Review

"Kaye's depiction of sexual tension and her sex scenes are masterful and this will appeal to fans of Maya Banks' KGI and Julia Ann Walker's Black Knight's series." ~Booklist

Laura-Kaye-croppedAbout Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

Apr 17, 2014

Blog Tour ~ Bird After Bird by Leslea Tash

Title: Bird After Bird

Author: Leslea Tash
Publication Date: April 7, 2014
SummaryDear Birdy, Princess Birdzilla von MuffinStuff, Keeper of Dreams, Lover of our Fine Feathered Friends, queen of my life and light of my world, I hope this letter finds you well. If you are reading this then I am gone, and sweetheart, I am so sorry.

Chi-town professional Wren Riley is 25 and a rising star in the business world. She can eat a man alive and laugh about it to her girlfriends in seconds flat--and she does, on the regular. Behind the power suits and the flashing, flirty eyes, however, Wren has a secret, vulnerable side. Following a devastating loss and the discovery of a bird journal she and her father made together years before, Wren sets out to seek peace, closure, and something she just can't name. Is that something tied to the little paper cranes she keeps finding along the way?

Laurence Byrd grew up a lanky Hoosier kid with the good/bad fortune of having the same name as the state's perennial basketball legend. With a better affinity for dogs than sports or school, he ends up in the Army instead of the Chicago art school of his dreams. Still, his service to our country is something he can be proud of--until an argument with the girl who means the world to him results in a series of events that blows his life apart. With no one left to understand him, black sheep Laurie pours out his heart into letters and drawings he never intends to send--then he folds them into paper cranes that he leaves behind like messages in little winged bottles. He never dreams someone might be finding them.

God damn it, Sylvia, for a few moments I tricked myself into feeling really alive. I cut it off before anyone got hurt, but just for a moment or two, I really thought I might feel something again--something like trust. Something like love. Not the kind of love we had, but something new. Something like hope.

Spoiler alert: Wren and Laurie are going to meet. And when they do, their lives are never going to be the same.

He had pretty eyes. Almost too pretty, with long lashes that curled at the end. If the set of his jaw hadn’t been so square and covered with five o’clock shadow, if his grown-out high and tight haircut hadn’t screamed “Army Reservist,” I would have sworn those eyes were mascaraed and lined.
“You talking to me?” I dabbed at my face with the wet paper towels. My skin was blotchy beneath my makeup, but I’d managed to wipe up most of the mascara from my cheeks. Even with false eyelashes I couldn’t duplicate the kind of eyes the man in the doorway had. Now that my makeup was wrecked, they were like short spindly spider legs. Ugh.
“Yeah, you,” he said. He had short brown hair and a friendly face, and he extended his hand to me like he was ready to fish me out of the water instead of a restroom. “No use herding Billy outta here. He hit up the men’s room first and it was locked—I was supposed to stand guard and keep anyone from going in after him, but you moved so fast I couldn’t stop ya.”
The man in the stall contributed more sound effects to the situation. I will spare you the details.
“C’mon and bail,” the nice guy said.
I took his arm. There was something soothing about him. The thought briefly flickered through my mind that he could be a dog whisperer or a horse trainer—something to that effect. He had a gentle vibe about him, despite his height and the reservist look.
“Thanks,” I said. “I, uh, guess I better find some other place to freshen up.”
He smiled and looked down at his boots. They were work boots—the kind with steel toes and a buff leather finish. They disappeared beneath the frayed cuffs of faded jeans, and he scratched his forearm as I dropped it, beneath the sleeve of a light blue work shirt. I expected there would be a red oval with a name embroidered on the chest, but it was just out of sight at this angle.

Leslea Tash is a journalist-turned-novelist, an avid bird nerd and the happily married mom of four. She has been a professional writer for many years. This is her first romance novel.

Leslea's Websitehttp://lesleatash.com/
Leslea on Twitterhttps://twitter.com/LesleaTash

Cover Reveal ~ Overwhelmed by You by Nashoda Rose

Book Title: Overwhelmed by You
Author: Nashoda Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date:June 3, 2014
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Love is ugly and secrets will destroy you.


I don’t beg.

I don’t cry.

And I don’t give second chances.

Ream, the lead guitarist of the rock band Tear Asunder, deserves a gold medal for best dick move ever when he ran the moment he discovered my secret after two days of hot sex. Then he brings some chick to my coming home party from the hospital—after being shot.

I hate him.

Until …

Ream’s six foot two frame unfolds out of the car after being gone on tour for eight months. I stared. And in my defense, any girl would stare. It would almost be rude not to because Ream was the type of guy who stood out. Not because he was loud and obnoxious. No, it was because he was the complete opposite. Subtle and dangerously quiet. If he spoke, you’d better hope he liked you because otherwise you’d be falling at his feet begging for mercy. Except me … I don’t beg—ever.

But when our eyes locked, it was Ream’s steady confidence that had my nerves shooting off like jet sprinklers.


Ream told me he didn’t need a second chance because he was still working on his first.


Sex is ugly. It’s using someone for your own narcissistic pleasure. I did it and I hated it—until her. She was unfuckinexpected. Then I had to wreck our beginning with my screwed up past.

I don’t deserve her, but I’m selfish and I’m taking her anyway. This is who I am and it’s too late to change me.
*Warning contains violence, sexual content, and coarse language. Mature audiences 18+*
A contemporary romance with lots of angst and a taste of dark.

OBY teaser 1 Nash Rose

brimNashoda Rose lives in Toronto with her assortment of pets. She writes contemporary romance with a splash of darkness, or maybe it’s a tidal wave. Her novella ""With You"" is the first in the Tear Asunder series, followed by the novel ""Torn from You"" and ""Overwhelmed by You"".
When she isn’t writing, she can be found sitting in a field reading with her dog at her side while her horses graze nearby. She loves interacting with her readers on Facebook and chatting about her addiction—books.

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